20 jul. 2015

Sketching in the Caribbean

This is my first blog post ever (thank you so much for inviting me, crclapiz!), so please forgive me that not everything is perfectly expressed and professionally done.

Last week, I spent some days on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and although we had lots of tours planned, I went with the idea to sneak out every now and then to have a quick sketch.
All in all it was quite a peculiar experience.
Most of the interesting looking locations were visible only by boat, but a boat taxi can hardly be persuaded to stay on the spot in a flowing river until a sketcher has finished his "masterpiece"....
So, I had to cheat a bit. These two sketches I made back at the lodge from photos, I had been taken earlier.
It was the first time I really tried to sketch water and I realized how very difficult that is. Lot more practice needed!


My favourite location was, of course, the village of Tortuguero: colourful, lively little village, friendly people, good vibes, nice Reggae Music, the perfect spot to sketch. Unfortunately, I had only half an hour and I knew it. That resulted in a rushed, heavily distorted sketch, but at least it is transmitting some of the energy I felt.


The next day, I had planned to walk back to the village and give it another try, but helas, it was raining heavily all day long. I painted this heliconia instead and that was an interesting experience, too, because the colours just would not dry! Six hours later, when I finally went to bed, I still had to leave the sketchbook open in order not to smudge the sketch.

The next morning, watching the continuing downpour, I thought I might give my chalk a try and yes, that was a good idea. The chalk was a little wet, too, but that had the advantage that it proved to be much less messy than normally. And the colours turned out equally luminous. I will have to keep that in mind for the next time I travel to a place with high humidity.

Oh, and one piece of advice: do not ever take honey-based watercolours to such a place.
All my watercolours turned very, very soft with the humidity, but the honey-based hue literally went running and smudged my whole palette. Luckily, I have only one hue by M.Graham, so it was not that much of a desaster.

23 may. 2015

Nos encontramos el sábado, 30 de mayo en la Feria Verde de Aranjuez a las 9am

Como siempre, la actividad es gratis, no es un curso. Todos los niveles SON bienvenidos. Traer su material para dibujar y llegar puntualmente.
Si llega tarde esté atento a gente dibujando alrededor de la feria.

Nos vemos!

1 may. 2015

Sketchwalk Notes - April 2015

Un lindo evento en Barrio Amon con gente motivada y talentosa. Con tantos edificios magnificos  esperando a ser dibujados el tiempo paso volando. Gracias a todos por venir! Que nos veamos pronto en el proximo sketchwalk!

A very nice event in Barrio Amon, one of San Jose's old residential quarters with new and old friends - all very motivated and talented. With all those lovely buildings waiting to be drawn time was flying.
Thanks all for coming! See you soon at our next sketchwalk!

Avenida 11, detras de la Casa Amarilla

11 abr. 2015

Sketchwalk Abril 2015

Nos encontramos sabado, el 25 de abril diagonal de la Casa Amarilla (Avenida 9/Calle 11) a las 9am. Desde aqui empezamos a dibujar. No hay ruta fija - vean las sugerencias indicadas en el mapa. Nos encontramos a las 12 en el mismo lugar Avenida 9/Calle 11 para presentar los dibujos y para despedirse

Como siempre, la actividad es gratis, no es un curso. Todos los niveles estan bienvenidos. Traer su material para dibujar y llegar puntualmente a las 9am.
Si llega tarde esté atento a gente dibujando alrededor de las rutas indicadas. 

Nos vemos!

On Saturday, 25 April, we are going to meet diagonally Casa Amarilla (Avenida 9/Calle 11) at 9am. After a short welcome we'll start sketching along the indicated routes on above map. Feel free to explore on your own or walk with other sketchers.

At 12 mid-day we are going to meet again at the starting point for a final gathering, showing of our drawings and a good-bye.

No costs, no classes, all sketching levels welcome. Bring your own sketching materials.
Should you arrive late watch for sketchers along the sketchwalk routes.

See you there!

1 abr. 2015

The Market Adventure Workshop, fue realizado durante los días 30 y 31 de marzo, en el Mercado Central de San José.

El intercambio cultural incluyó conversaciones, croquis y grandes momentos en un lugar tan icónico como lo es el Mercado Central.  Compartimos con participantes de Estados Unidos, Alemania, Italia, Costa Rica, República Dominicana, y Venezuela.

24 feb. 2015

Sketchwalk in newspaper "La Nacion"

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Aqui, el link para ver el articulo "Dibujar el Correo para apropiarse de la ciudad" que salio el domingo pasado en La Nacion:
Here the link to an article on Urbansketchers Costa Rica, that came out in "La Nacion" last Sunday:

21 feb. 2015

February 2015 Sketchwalk

Beautiful day out at the Old Post Office in downtown San Jose.
Today, it was a small group and most of them first-timers. Great bunch of people, all drawing the surrounding scenes with a lot of enthusiasm and superb results.
We started in front of the post office where we got a surprise visit by reporters and photographers from "La Nacion", one of Costa Ricas major newspapers. After the interview we marched down towards Banco Central and decided to continue sketching from the balcony of Q Cafe, above "El Tostador" coffee shop - excellent views down the streets and very challenging perspectives of close-by buildings. Around mid-day we had a "show and tell" and group picture - not, as planned down on the street, but up in the cafe.
Thanks all for coming - hope to see you at the next sketchwalk!