More sketch adventures from San Jose

 More recent sketch adventures:

This is snack bar "Roble Sabana" in Pozos, drawn from one of the tables located between th.e street and the parking lot. Lots of interesting people to sketch: in this case a workman with "sabanero" (cowboy) hat and an old man with a cap saying "oficial", which means he's probably helping with security and parking cars. While we are here he is helping putting plates away and having a snack himself.

The National Stadium was drawn yesterday, inspired by the weekly themes: monsters.
This one looks quite capable of biting, even though not so much from this perspective. Turn 90 degrees and you can picture a giant accidentally putting his foot into the structure and the thing closing up like a big clam.

Driving around  Escazu recently we saw this corner house with a motor cycle repair shop. Great signs outside the building and many colorful motorcycles made us stop and draw. Challenge here: quickly changing foreground...


  1. Me encantan sus trabajos. Como hago para contactarlos? Preferiblemente los dibujos de Costa Rica. Los venden?


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